Packing Guide

Before starting to pack your property have a good sort out of what you actually want to take to the next property. Then figure out which items you want to keep for yourself and which ones you wish to donate to your friends, family or the local charity shop. When packing, ensure all items are packed securely. Along with the packaging, we supply two types of boxes, one smaller than the other, but both double-walled. When constructing the boxes, ensure that there are at least 2 strips of tape across both types of boxes north to south and east to west across the bottom to make removal boxes stronger. You can fill the smaller boxes with books or records, and they won’t be too heavy for us to lift. These smaller boxes can also be used in the kitchen for crockery packing. Please ensure crockery and glassware is wrapped in the packing paper provided and padded out with either additional paper, tea towels or similar soft items from the linen cupboard. For really fragile items, please use the bubble wrap provided as well as paper. The large boxes are still good for packing crockery and glassware, but only halfway, the rest of the box must be filled with pillows or other lightweight items. Finally the larger boxes are great for packing any other items in the house, including toys, games, shoes and coats, etc. Remember that on the day of the move, we provide the required amount of wardrobe boxes which would have been calculated by our removal surveyor to keep your hanging clothes clean, uncreased and tidy. We can also assist you in packing your items if you prefer, while we pack your belongings, you can conveniently plan a stress-free relocation, saving you a lot of time and effort. Our packing service is typically performed the day before your removal day.

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