One of our unique selling points at Bee Moved is the fact that we don't expect any payment or deposit before the job unless it is a commercial job. On the day itself our supervisor on your team will prompt you for payment at around 4pm, this involves calling into the office and making payment over the phone by card. The only additional charge is if it is payment by credit card which incurs a 2% admin surcharge.

We do offer storage at very competitive rates and more and more often these days our clients have to break their chain in order to facilitate sale and purchase. All our storage is containerised using 35 sqft containers. Access is simple and you can gain access to your container at any time with 24 hours notice. We are typically half the price of other storage firms and the buildings are alarmed and CCTV'd.

We are happy to quote to bring it down providing there is a fixed ladder, boards and is lit. Generally most customers like to have a good sort of their loft items and then bring them down to a spare room during the sort.

The simple answer is really as much notice as possible. At Bee Moved another of our unique services is if you have accepted our quote then we offer you the opportunity for you to pencil in a date with us. We will then hold that space for you in our fleet up until one week before the date at which point we will give you a ring to see how your move is progressing or by this time especially with an exchange and completion you should know if the pencilled in date is realistic.

Typically people run down the contents of their freezer in the lead up to a move. We realise though that this is not always possible so if requested we can provide a cool box on the day of the move to keep your freezer contents intact.

With pictures and mirrors these should ideally be brought down off the walls and placed upright in one area, this gives you an opportunity before the move to make the walls good, on the day of the move we can wrap the pictures mirrors into blankets for you. With your packing materials which we supply we also give you 100m of bubblewrap.

You can if your move is local and the contents is light, i.e. clothing. In the case where the chest of drawers is full of books or photo albums we respectively request that these items are boxed. In the case of long distance moves we asked that all contents of any drawers is boxed.

With Bee Moved we are a member of BAR (British Association of Removers) and therefore abide by BAR's terms and conditions which automatically insure all your items up to the value of £40 per item and to a value of £25,000. The additional liability is offered to you if you wish to insure you goods to their full value. in some cases our clients will have exsisting cover with their own home contents policy, which sometimes covers you while moving house. Always best to check.

The waiting time exemption certificate (WTEC) is offered should you want to avoid any waiting time charges on the day of your move. Charges are incurred on your move when there is a delay in the chain and we are left waiting to unload at your new property. This can because someone in the chain is late getting out of their property or there is trouble with the transfers of monies in the chain. If there is a delay the charge is £30 per person per hour on your team, if however you have taken out the WTEC at least one week beforehand, then these charges are waivered. To give you some idea, out of about 1500 jobs last year 20 jobs incurred waiting time charges.


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Being based in Sussex we provide services in Brighton, Hove, Worthing, Eastbourne, Tunbridge Wells and Crawley relocating people UK wide and through our on site quoting portal we can collect from properties UK wide. Our modern low emmissions fleet is especially suited for London removals. Bee Moved also offer a comprehensive packing service be it for fragile packing or a full packing service. If you pack then included in our price will be your packaging materials, boxes, bubblewrap, tape and paper.

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